9 oktober 2011

Student representatives

Student representatives play an important role as spokespeople in matters of education for all students at our faculty. They keep an eye out for both positive and negative comments. They discuss together with the professors how improvements can be made in the current situation. To shape the future, they participate in the discussions about important decisions such as changes in syllabi and exam regulations.

Student representatives are elected every year in October for both the Flemish and the international programmes. Every programme (i.e. (AB)BA, MA, Adv.MA, PhD & Erasmus) has two representatives. Professors and student representatives come together for the TCPE meetings 3 times each semester. TCPE is the teaching committee focused on the issues related to education of the English-language theology programme. It is chaired by Professor De Tavernier and Professor Geldhof is the secretary.

If you encounter any issues with regard to education, do not hesitate to contact the SAINTS at leuvensaints@gmail.com, or to speak to one of your student representatives.

The 2012-2013 student representatives for the TCPE and the faculty council will be elected in the course of the next few weeks.

The meetings will take place on the following Fridays: 12/10/2011, 09/11/2011, 07/12/2011, 22/02/2012, 19/04/2012 and 17/05/2012. Usually they are held between 1 and 3 pm, but to be sure, you can check the faculty’s online calendar.

The list of staff and students that take part in the TCPE meetings, the agenda’s for upcoming meetings and the minutes of previous meetings can be found here.