9 oktober 2011

Katechetika International


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Looking for English Language Worship in Leuven? See below.

About us

What is Katechetika International?

Katechetika International is the international section of Katechetika, the student association for theology. Every faculty at our university has their own student association. All students’ associations from the different faculties are represented in the umbrella organisation LOKO.

LOKO International

Our goal is to foster unity and fellowship among the theology students in Leuven through celebrating and appreciating our cultural and religious diversity. We believe that by coming into contact, conversation and joining social activities with one another and with the larger community here in Leuven, we can add meaning, purpose and enrichment to our own lives and those of others.

Who is Katechetika International?

YOU are! Every student in the English language theology programme is part of this association. A small core team of students coordinate events which are split into Spiritual events and Social events. We always welcome involvement and if you have any ideas or suggestions don’t hesitate to contact us via internationaal@katechetika.be

Around Leuven

K.U. Leuven


Student Representation

Katechetika International is responsible for finding and guiding student representatives. You can find more information on the student representatives page.


An initiative taken to integrate theology & life some years ago, called MEET, resulted in evenings at which a guest speaker (usually a faculty staff member) is invited to speak and to share some of their personal faith journey. The environment is one of interfaith with room for dialogue, discussion and sharing.

Every Tuesday you can join us for drop-in prayer! A short reflection guided by a member of our pastoral team aimed at giving you a moment of pause in the day. Drop in at 1:10pm in the prayer room at MTC (next to the Kleine Aula) for a half hour spiritual pause.



  • Monday to Friday
    • Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies: 8:30 am in the Pope’s College chapel
    • Sint-Kwinten parish: 6 pm at the Sint-Kwintenskerk, Naamsestraat 160
    • JLC congregation: 6:15 pm at Minderbroedersstraat 15
    • American College: 7:45 am at Naamsestraat 100A
    • Leo XIII Seminary University Parish: Wednesday 10:00 am at Tiensestraat 112
  • Sunday
    • JLC congregation: 10:15 am at Minderbroedersstraat 15 (once a month, ecumenical service with St Martha and Mary’s Anglican Church
    • St Martha and Mary’s Anglican Church: 6:30 pm at Minderbroedersstraat 15
    • Saint-Kwinten parish: 9:00 at the Sint-Kwintenskerk, Naamsestraat 160
    • American College: 7:45 am at Naamsestraat 100A
    • Leo XIII Seminary University Parish: Wednesday 10:00 am at Tiensestraat 112

Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies

Canon Law Student Association

The Canon Law faculty has its own student association, called Canonica. We keep you informed about their activities. A lot of the canon lawyers don’t live in Leuven, but only come here for what they call the “intensive course weeks”, which are around 3 weeks during which entire courses are taught. It’s in these weeks that their activities take place. Theologians are always welcome at Canonica’s activities and vice versa.


Katechetika International organise weekly coffee, tea and cakes from 1 until 2:30 pm in the student lounge (located next to the stairs leading up to the library). Drop in for some tea, coffee and snacks and chat with fellow students.
Other activities are organised according to what this year’s core team feels like doing. If you’d like to see something specific happen, feel free to contact us with your ideas!