3 augustus 2013

Course note shop


The student lounge is located next to the stairs that lead up to the library. When you enter the student lounge, you go straight till right behind the sliding door. The course note shop is on your right hand side, it’s room number 00.05.


Due to not having the courses yet, we are not open.

Mondag: 1pm – 2pm (only six weeks)
Wednesday: 1pm – 2pm

Available notes

We only accept cash money!

1st year

  •  Geschiedenis van kerk en theologie: oudheid: €3.80/5.10*
  •  Geloof en openbaring: reader: €4.70/6.10*
  •  Geloof en openbaring: boek: €4.50/5.90*
  •  Catechetiek: €7.40/9.10*

2nd and 3rd years

  •  Christelijke seksualiteits-, huwelijks- en gezinsethiek: €5.00/6.40*
  •  Spiritualiteit in de grote religieuze ordes: €5.10/6.60*

Master, Master WIDR and MaNaMa

Nothing for the moment.

English notes

  •  Postholocaust theology: €6.50/8.10*
  •  Feminist theologies: €6.60/8.20*
  •  Practical and empirical methods: €6.30/7.90*
  •  Christology: €2.60/3.80*


  •  Katechetika mug: €10
  •  Codex: €10
  •  Katechetika shield: €5

*price for non-katechetika-members

You become a member by purchasing a membershipcard in the Course Note Shop: €10 for regular students, €5 for partial students / english students.

De doorstreepte cursussen zijn uitverkocht, maar kunnen wel worden bijbesteld, als je één van deze cursussen nodig hebt, kan je ons verwittigen via cursusdienst@katechetika.be, dan zorgen wij dat deze cursus er zo snel mogelijk is.

The course notes that are crossed out are sold out at the moment but we can always order more if needed. If you need one of these courses, please send an e-mail to cursusdienst@katechetika.be and we’ll make sure the course notes are available again as soon as possible.

(last update on 10/03/2016)