9 oktober 2011

Student representatives

Our university attaches great importance to students’ representation. Students are represented on all levels and they are contributory to the policy of KU Leuven. This concerns the faculty as well as the university. Katechetika is besides a faculty consultative body also a faculty deliberative body that steers de students’ representation in the right direction.


At the level of the faculty, the students are representedvia students’ representatives. Basically, this is the responsibility of the entire presidium of Katechetika. Important educational related matters are discussed at the presidium meetings. There are nevertheless 2 presidium members who take a special task within the educational representation: the president of the students’ union and the educational commissioner.

The president of the students’ union serves together with the dean, the vice-deans, the representatives of the MAs and the employees in the faculty, governing body of the university. Furthermore, the president of the students’ union, the educational commissioner and a representative of the international students are members of the faculty counsel. This faculty counsel can be considered as the parliament of the faculty, the decisions of the faculty board of governors and the fPOC are here explained and discussed.
Matters concerning specific educations, educational disciplines and course programmes ( Dutch BA, English BA, domain Master, English Master, research Master, WIDR, teacher training college, Islamic theology) are treated in the faculty permanent permanent educational committee. (fPOC). Here the students’ representatives of the faculty counsel are seated. ( the president of the students’ union, the educational commissioner and the representative of the international students) and 1 student per educational period of every training.


On the academic degree, students are represented via mandataries of the students’ counsel. (Stura)Stura represents all students of KU Leuven concerning educational and university matters. The president, the vice-president and the educational person in charge of Katechetika are seated in Stura.

The Leuven coordination Circle-organisation (Loko) represents the students at the town Leuven and engages in sports, culture and social matters. The president and the vice-president of Katechetika seated in LOKO. The sports and cultural responsible stake in general part in the coordinating meetings as far as their duties concern.

If you encounter any issues with regard to education, do not hesitate to contact pne of the representatives for the English program: Stavroula Chrousala, Matthew Erickson, Samuel Takembaiyee, Karen Papellero, Josh Marasigan, Aashu Alexander Mattackal, Oleh Melnychenko, Lieneke Timpers

The list of staff and students that take part in the TCPE meetings, the agenda’s for upcoming meetings and the minutes of previous meetings can be found here.